Studying abroad is a life-changing and well-worth-it experience — but it’s also an expensive one. For those who are in need of financial support, one option is to apply for study abroad scholarships and the other option is to apply for a study abroad financial loan. Applying for a loan could be a complicated, long, and even an intimidating process; however, if you refer to this guide before applying for a loan, you’ll be stuffing your face with pasta in Italy or canoeing down a flowing river in China in no time.

Here are some basic questions to consider before browsing through study abroad loan opportunities:

What Kinds of Study Abroad Loans Are There?

Study abroad loans are treated differently depending on the program type, and each loan may require a different application process. Below are brief descriptions of all the different types of loans you may apply for.

General Student Loan

Federal Student Loan

Private Loan

However, if you do choose to apply for a private loan, be sure you’ll be working with a credible company, are aware of scams, and are able to apply and prepare early. If you’re skeptical or need assistance applying, we recommend asking your university’s financial aid office for help!

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How to be Eligible for Study Abroad Loans

You can click here to check your eligibility for AIRTOUR study abroad loans.

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